NASPA Ski Garden offers a selection of ski course catering for varying skier skill levels - from gentle beginner slopes to some ungroomed steep mogul runs. The runs are serviced by five ski lifts (two quad, one triple and two pair lifts).There is also a special NASPA Kids Garden and an area for ‘playing in the snow’.


A Course

Average Slope Gradient 13°
Steepest Slope Gradient 25°
Course Length 340 metres

A Course is the closest to NASPA New Otani hotel and suitable for upper beginners and above. The course is served by the Number 1 triple lift carrying up to three people. An SAJ B-level approved mogul course can be found by the side of the lift.


B Course

Average Slope Gradient 10°
Steepest Slope Gradient 18°
Course Length 400 metres

B Course is good for practicing technique and is also serviced by the Number 1 triple lift. A Course and B Course are open until 7pm on special days during the season - more info here.


C Course

Average Slope Gradient 21°
Steepest Slope Gradient 30°
Course Length 480 metres

C Course is the most challenging course at NASPA Ski Garden, with a steep gradient and often some large moguls to challenge. Sometimes moguls, sometimes untouched powder - look forward to checking the conditions on any given day. Beginners should avoid this course. Course C is used for the SAJ Level 1 Badge Test.


D Course

Average Slope Gradient 16°
Steepest Slope Gradient 38°
Course Length 750 metres

D Course also offers un-groomed snow conditions. This course has a steepest gradient of 38 degrees - the steepest at the resort. Conditions can get deep after a snowfall... be prepared!


E Course

Average Slope Gradient 15°
Steepest Slope Gradient 30°
Course Length 800 metres

E Course is an un-groomed course offering a decent challenge for intermediate skiers. Good for short and medium turns. The lower part of this course joins the beginner F Course at the bottom and so care needs to be taken in that area.


Course F

Average Slope Gradient 7°
Steepest Slope Gradient 12°
Course Length 600 metres

This gentle course goes back to the base of the resort and is suitable for beginners. The gentle slopes are suited to those learning to ski and gaining confidence.


Course G

Average Slope Gradient 14°
Steepest Slope Gradient 27°
Course Length 580 metres

The widest course at NASPA Ski Garden with plenty of space for high speeds and wide curving turns. A number of slope-style items can be found at the side of this course including kicker, box and rail.


Course H

Average Slope Gradient 9°
Steepest Slope Gradient 20°
Course Length 1600 metres

A long course going round the back side area of NASPA Ski Garden, giving beginners a course of up to 2200m in length when combined with F Course. A fun wave course area can be found on part of this course.