The chefs are NASPA New Otani will do all they can to accommodate any specific food allergies of guests in your group. For specific requests, please let us know at least seven days in advance of your stay.


Restaurant Fontana and Senbazuru

Please note that while we are able to prepare menus suited to specific allergies, the meals are all prepared in the same kitchen and cooking space, and equipment and utensils are shared. To avoid possible confusion with serving, such meals may be served separate from other meals.

International Buffet O's Dining

The seven major allergies - wheat, buckwheat, eggs,peanuts, dairy products, shrimp, crab - are noted by individual items.


Allergy information is noted.

Please note that while NASPA New Otani will try to meet any requirements, we need to know in advance of any specific allergies. There may also be cases where we are unable to meet request. In this case please consult us about bringing food with you for us to help prepare.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Allergies and special dietary forms

You download form here (Excel format) to letting us know about allergies or special dietary requirements.

Please save and fill out the form(s) and then send them to us at