O's Dining is the name of the popular buffet at NASPA New Otani. Choose from a wide selection of cuisine and with both Japanese and Western style menu items, there is sure to be a good choice for everyone. The exact menu changes each day (there are two patterns). O's Dining is open for breakfast on most days, but depending on the number of guests at the hotel a Western or Japanese style set breakfast may be served. Please ask for details concerning the date of your stay.



Various styles Western and Japanese
Buffet-style ‘eat all you like’


200-500 people

Opening times

Breakfast: 7:30am until 9:30am
The last order is at 9:00am

Dinner: 5:30pm until 9:00pm
The last order is at 8:30pm


Various locations, depending on the date


Dinner - 6,100 yen (6,500 yen from 20th Dec)
Breakfast - 2,500 yen

Children (over 4years old):
Dinner - 4,250 yen (4,550 yen from 20th Dec)
Breakfast - 1,750 yen


  • Reservations for the Ottimo course are required at least five days in advance

  • Information on allergies

  • O’s Dining meals can be included in accommodation plans

  • Menu items served each day may differ from the photographs shown on this page

  • Over the New Year period (dinner on 30th December until 2nd January and breakfast on 31st December until 3rd January), rates will be different - please ask for details

Selected photographs of samples of meals served in O’s Dining