Heal your mind and body! If you are especially busy at work, stressed or generally fatigued, this equipment can provide your body with lots of oxygen, keeping your brain from becoming fatigued and oxygen-deprived. The oxygen capsule is a high-pressure environment, allowing for molecular level oxygen to be dissolved in your blood. This increases metabolism and body cells are vitalized. It is recommended to use the Oxygen Capsule together with the Collagen Machine.


Main benefits of using the oxygen capsule

  • Recovery from fatigue

  • Lack of sleep

  • Recovery from a hangover

  • Improved visual acuity

  • Recovery after participating in sports and exercise

  • Beauty

  • Diet

  • Rejuvenation


Hotel guests, Garden Town owners, Lions Plaza owners or Friendship members:

3,000 yen
Outside visitors 5,000 yen

To make reservations on the day, please go to The Pool & Fitness reception desk. After 7:30pm, reservations for the following morning can be made at the main Front Desk on the Lobby Floor of the hotel.


The Oxygen Capsule is located in the Lounge Area of the The Pool & Fitness facility on the 5th Floor of The Main Building


Opening Times

Normally open from 9:30am until 7:30pm