Are the plan rates different if booked by telephone or online?

The rates are the same, but a number of special ‘online benefit’ extras are included for bookings that are made online. Please refer to the Reservations page for more information.

Can payments in advance be made when booking by credit card?

When making an online booking, the choice can be made between advanced payment and settlement at the time of stay.

A date shows a ‘X’ sign

Unfortunately, that sign means that room are fully booked for that date. Please note that in this case there may be a chance of making a booking by calling or sending an email to the hotel directly.

I would like to make a multiple night booking using different pricing plans

Please make individual reservations for each night. If a booking is made with different room types, a room change may be required. If no room change is required, please be sure to reserve the same room type.

I will stay consecutive nights but with a different number of people staying on different nights

In this case, for each date a different booking is required. For each booking, please specify on the booking form the number of people staying on each day, and be sure to also clearly note that the booking is for consecutive nights.

I would like to book two or more rooms for the same date

If the number of people, or the number of adults and children, is different for each night then separate bookings are necessary. If different room types are requested, the rooms assigned may be on different floors of the hotel and so if you would like rooms on the same floor please book the same room type.

I made a booking but have not received a confirmation email

Please check your online account to see if the booking is there, or call or email us with further questions.   

I would like to make a change to a booking made online

Changes to bookings can be made using the online system. Changes for payments that are made in advance by credit card may not be possible - if this is the case, please cancel the booking and make anew separate booking. Please be aware that cancellation charges may be applied automatically (as per our cancellation policies).

I have received a confirmation email, but the booking details are different

If changes have been made to a booking by telephone after a booking has been made, such changes may not appear online.

I made consecutive night booking but the confirmation email only shows the first night

The automated emails for multiple night bookings made with different plans or different numbers of guests will be sent out separately. If you are concerned about this, please check your online account or contact us to confirm by email.

I have an account but I have forgotten my password

You can confirm your password here (your registered email is required).

I entered an incorrect password and have been locked out of my account

Please contact us to unlock your account by email. We will need your registered name, telephone number, address and date of birth to confirm your identity.