NASPA New Otani has a number of facilities suitable for different kind of events from large-scale meetings and conferences to small private parties and banquets. Please enquire directly regarding the use of these facilities.



Ho-oh is the main Grand Banquet hall and the largest in the region, located on the 1st Floor of the NASPA New Otani hotel. The hall can hold up to 648 people for large-scale events, and can be divided into three separate sections. International events, parties, weddings, talk-shows and other events have been held in Ho-oh.

Total Size 990m² 550-648 people
East Section 330m² 135-144 people
Middle Section 330m² 135-144 people
West Section 330m² 135-144 people


Aurora is the second largest hall space at NASPA New Otani and has a capacity of up to 270 people. This hall can also be divided into two sections of varying size. It is located on the 4fh Floor.

Total Size 488m² 240-270 people
East Section 278m² 108-128 people
West Section 210m² 72-80 people

Cirius, Aries, Crescent, Orion

These smaller meeting rooms are suitable for smaller groups and parties. They are conveniently located on the Lobby Floor of the hotel, close to the entrance and Front Desk.

Cirius 94m² 38-48 people
Cirius (Half) 47m² 18-20 people
Aries 94m² 38-48 people
Aries (Half) 47m² 18-20 people
Crescent 94m² 36-48 people
Orion 90m² 36-48 people

Luna, Stella

The smallest Western-style meeting rooms at NASPA New Otani Resort, they can be divided into two and are located on the 4th Floor of the Hotel, affording fine views of the surrounding mountains

Luna 76m² 24 people
Luna (Half) 38m² 12 people
Stella 76m² 24 people
Stella (Half) 38m² 12 people

Katsura, Kaede, Tsubaki, Tachibana, Sakura, Ume

These rooms are furnished Japanese style with tatami mats and are suitable for private parties and banquets.

Katsura 76m² 30 people
Kaede 38m² 20 people
Tsubaki 76m² 12 people
Tachibana 38m² 12 people
Sakura 38m² 8 people
Ume 38m² 8 people

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