Massage not only feels good after a hard day’s exercise but it also good for your body. Recommended to help with low back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, various pains in the body, poor circulation, swelling, insomnia… and just general recovery from everyday fatigue. Why not experience a Sports Massage or Oriental Massage Therapy during your stay at NASPA?


Sports Massage & Oriental Massage Therapy

30 minutes 3,000 yen
40 minutes 4,000 yen
60 minutes 6,000 yen
90 minutes 9,000 yen

Location is in the relax space area in The Main building (behind the Game Corner). Hotel guests can also receive a massage in their rooms at the hotel. This is possible between the hours of 7:00pm and 12:00am. Charges for this room service are 4,000 yen for 40 minutes and 1,000 yen for an extra hour.


Course Details

Main Course

20 minutes Body area of your choice 2,500 yen
40 minutes From neck to waist 4,500 yen
60 minutes From head to feet full body 6,500 yen
80 minutes To refresh the whole body 8,000 yen
100 minutes Extra special course for very tired body 10,000 yen
Extra 10 minutes   1,000 yen

Foot Massage Course

20 minutes Stimulating the reflex areas 2,500 yen
40 minutes From the back foot to calf 4,500 yen
Extra 10 minutes   1,000 yen


30 minutes Either hands or feet 4,000 yen
60 minutes Both hands and feet 7,000 yen

Facial Reflexology

30 minutes Head, facial and moisturizing 7,000 yen
70 minutes Facial (40mins) & aroma (30mins) 10,000 yen


The Massage area is located on the 2nd Floor of the Main building